November 27, 2020

Amanda Holden releases Christmas single’s music video and fans are ‘in tears’

Amanda Holden has released her Christmas single’s music video and left her fans ‘in tears’.

The 49-year-old star of stage and screen has released a timely Christmas single entitled Home For Christmas and has now released its accompanying music video.

The clip sees her at home with the Christmas decorations and looking warm and festive with her lookalike daughters Hollie, eight, and Lexie, 14.

Amanda tweeted: “You can watch the live premiere of my music video right now [sparkle emoji]”.

After sharing the link to the YouTube music video, she also spoke about the message of the song.

Amanda Holden sings in her new music video for her single Home For Christmas

The Britain’s Got Talent star added: “I wanted to celebrate cherishing the times that we can be together, whether that’s past, present or future. ‘Home’ is love [heart emoji] #homeforchristmas “.

Amanda also shared a 30-second snippet of the song that made clear the message of the piece with its chorus’ lyrics.

She sings: “I want to go home for Christmas, let me go home this year”.

No doubt many will relate to these lyrics as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to impact our Christmas plans in the UK..

Amanda’s home looks warm and festive in the emotional music videos

Amanda’s daughters also feature in the music video, including 14-year-old Lexi

The single has certainly been well-received by Amanda’s followers who replied with praise in the comments section.

One Twitter user commented: “Awww I love you and rudie at the end of it it’s true love i love your girls in it as well I love the song very much and congratulations on your Christmas single coming out today @AmandaHolden “.

Another person added: “Good video Amanda should be top of the charts”.

Meanwhile, a different listener tweeted: “Your song put tears in my eyes xx”.

Amanda has prompted some tears on social media with her new single

Elsewhere, another follower penned: “Gorgeous rendition Amanda”.

However, one remarked: “Really like you Amanda Holden, but not your singing. Sorry”.

Can’t win them all over, sadly!

Lots of people clearly do like her singing, however, as Amanda topped the charts earlier this year with her album, Songs From My Heart.

Amanda Holden’s Home For Christmas is out now.

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