October 20, 2020

Brassic blasted as disgraceful after TV crew dig up land beside 2-week old grave

A horrified mother-of-three has slammed Sky One’s Brassic after crew dug up cemetery plot just a few feet away from her son’s grave in Rossendale.  

The devastated woman has called out the film crew after they were given permission by Rossendale Council to shoot at Whitworth Cemetery last week. 

It comes as the Sky comedy – which features Michelle Keegan, Joe Gilgun and Damian Malony – began shooting the show’s third series in Lancashire. 

Mum Tracy Goldie-Auxilly branded Brassic’s TV crew a “disgrace” after production members made the decision to dig fake grave just six feet away from her son’s plot. 

A horrified mother-of-three has slammed Sky One’s Brassic after crew dug up cemetery plot just a few feet away from her sons grave in Rossendale

Tracy’s beloved boy Gareth had been laid to rest two weeks before Brassic’s crew came to create the fake grave for filming purposes.  

Addressing the horrific incident on LancsLive, Tracy laid out the heartbreaking details of when her autistic daughter had visited Gareth’s grave.

Her daughter come across crew members gathered around giggling while digging a fake six-foot grave beside where her brother was laid to rest. 

The heartbroken mother called the entire ordeal a “disgrace” before insisting that the council’s decision to give Brassic the go-ahead to film in the graveyard had devastated her family.

The show features Michelle Keegan, Joe Gilgun and Damian Malony

Tracy insisted: “It’s a disgrace, you’re filming graveyards, a place where you lay people to rest. 

“At the end of the day it’s not a playground, the crew could have used a farmer’s field with some props, Brassic isn’t a serious topic they could have filmed somewhere else. 

“I want the council to go away delve into their conscience, what they have done has devastated my family.

Tracy buried her beloved son two weeks ago

“When the film crew got there, it was obvious there was a freshly buried body.” 

According to LancsLive, Rossendale Council have not apologised after they gave permission for the film crew to attend the graveyard on October 14 and October 15 in order to shoot scenes for Brassic.

Sky has since apologised to the devastated family

A council spokesperson told the website: “The council would like to apologise for the upset this incident this has caused the family at this very difficult time. 

“The production company were granted permission to do the filming several weeks ago.” 

Sky have also since reached out to the family to offer their condolences and apologies to Gareth’s devastated family.  

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