November 25, 2020

Gemma Collins contacted police over death threats and demands for used underwear

Gemma Collins has revealed that she contacted the police after receiving worrying death threats.

The former TOWIE favourite, 39, said she spoke to authorities after being disturbed by the messages from people she described as being ‘obsessed’ with her.

Gemma said she was also left ‘disgusted’ by requests to give up her used underwear up to some crazed fans.

She spoke of the concerning fan mail on the latest edition of her BBC podcast.

During a candid Q&A session Gemma was asked what is the strangest thing a fan has ever sent her.

Gemma credits SkinnyJab for her recent 3st weight loss

“I’m just going to be honest about it… death threats. And we did have to get the police involved,” said Gemma.

“I have had situations where people get obsessed with me,” she continued. “They ask me to buy them houses they send letters to the shop. It’s endless.

“But the weirdest thing people do ask me for is my underwear.

“It’s really disgusting!” she cried. “Whoever you are… please don’t waste my time. Because you aren’t getting my underwear, Honey.” she made clear.

Gemma said the messages have been sent to her clothing boutique in Brentwood.

“People write into the shop or they get in contact with me and they want underwear. They’ll comment on my social platforms if I’m selling stuff they ask me for underwear – worn, used underwear.

“I think it’s absolutely repulsive. Disgusting,” scolded Gemma.

The reality star said she’d had the unusual requests for her underwear sent to her Brentwood store

But the reality star said it’s not all bad as she also gets messages from supportive fans asking if she’ll send them videos or give an autograph.

“I just laugh it off. I find it quite amusing,” she added of the stranger requests.

Gemma ended her weekly broadcast by urging her followers to ‘keep going’ as she gave a motivational messages amid the new lockdown rules.

Gemma gave her thoughts on the new tier system in her own unique way

This week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the UK would be going back into a tier system after lockdown ends on December 2.

He said the restrictions would be eased over Christmas to allow three households to mix with each other.

Earlier this week, Gemma made a dig at the rules on her social media after Boris gave his address by sharing a picture of herself wearing a jumper that bore her famous catchphrase ‘I’m claustrophobic Boris!’

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