November 16, 2020

Kelsey Stratford’s sister can’t speak after Covid-19 caused blood to flood lungs

TOWIE star Kelsey Stratford has shared a heartbreaking update on the status of her little sister after the eight-year-old tested positive for coronavirus.

Over the weekend, the 20-year-old said that her sibling had been rushed to hospital after falling ill and was then quickly moved to the ICU.

Kennedy – who has spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), a genetic condition that makes the muscles weaker and causes problems with movement – already suffered from breathing problems as a result of her condition and now those symptoms have been made worse by Covid-19.

And in her latest update on Kennedy, Kelsey has detailed the suffering her sister is going through and that she has “blood on her lungs and can no longer speak.”

Kelsey Stratford has shared an update on her sister

She posted to her Instagram Stories: “Im truly heart broken.

“My Kennedy has Covid-19 and needing intensive care. She is in route to gosh.

“Now think covid isn’t real??? She has blood on her lungs and can no longer speak. I’ll save the anger until later as at the moment I’m angry at myself for not stopping this.

“Covis 19 [sic] has hit her hard, its only day 2 and already in intensive care. We will need all positive prayer and thoughts that exist. I love my baby!”

Kennedy, eight, is currently in ICU after testing positive for Covid-19

On Sunday afternoon, Kelsey shared the sad news that her sister was severely unwell after catching coronavirus.

She said her family are “heartbroken” by the news but told fans that her sister is “really fighting”.

Kelsey said: “Life is so cruel.

“My little sister Kennedy got rushed into hospital yesterday and tested positive for COVID19.

Kelsey revealed that her sibling – who has spinal muscular atrophy (SMA)- has blood on her lungs and cannot talk

“We are all so heartbroken as Kennedy has severe breathing problems from her terminal illness SMA as it is.

“So this is very dangerous for her. Kennedy was high risk to covid & we tried our best to shield her from this terrible virus but unfortunately because of her low immune system she caught it.

“She is in intensive care but really fighting like she always does, so I just need everyone to keep her in your prayers and hopefully she gets through this.

Kelsey has been keeping her fans updated and thanked them for their kind messages

“My strong little girl she doesn’t deserve any of this.”

Kelsey also shared a video of Kennedy watching YouTube videos as she looked back at happier times.

It comes after another tragedy hit the family as Kelsey’s brother and Kennedy’s twin Karter died.

Karter was also born with spinal muscular atrophy but died just weeks after he was diagnosed.

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