November 2, 2020

Molly-Mae Hague ditches contraceptives after Tommy Fury shared he wants 5 kids

Fans think Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury’s quest to have children may have just taken a step forward.

The 21-year-old Love Island stunner has revealed she isn’t on any form of contraception.

She opened up in a YouTube¬†clip after admitting she’s “so excited” to have babies with boyfriend Tommy.

Molly-Mae says the pair aren’t currently trying but the star dropped more hints for the future.

She said in the video: “I went on the pill a few weeks ago for the first time.

Molly-Mae has said goodbye to contraceptives and explained why

“I found it so hard to find a good time each day to take the pill. I started taking it and no, it’s not for me.

“I felt headache-y, I felt tired, I felt emotional like I was crying for no reason. Tommy was literally like, ‘What is wrong with you?’ and the only thing that had changed was that I was on this pill.

“It was not for me… I’m living life on the edge guys!”

Molly-Mae reassured her followers she wasn’t actively trying to have a baby with her boyfriend Tommy.

She added: “Someone’s assumption is, ‘You’re not on any form of contraception’. That would actually be correct. I’m not on any form contraception.

Molly-Mae and Tommy aren’t trying but they do want children

“That is not because we are trying for a baby, just to clarify.

“I’m not on any form of contraception because I can’t find any contraception that I like.”

Already Tommy has revealed he would like five children with Molly-Mae within 10 years.

In a teaser clip for Love Island: What Happens Next, smitten Molly-Mae recently said: “We are so excited for what the future holds. I cannot even explain to you, we talk about it every single day.”

She says she is living on the edge

As Tommy agreed, adding: “Yeah, 100 per cent in 10 years time I would definitely like to see myself married with kids. Four kids, five kids, 20 kids or whatever?”

However Molly-Mae looked at her boyfriend after his suggestion and said: “Five kids?”

But Tommy shrugged off her remark and replied: “Well, yeah, I want an army of kids.”

Molly-Mae and Tommy found a connection on Love Island in the summer series last year.

Their love story has continued to blossom with the pair moving into their second place together since the show ended.

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