October 30, 2020

Steve Irwin’s son insists he’ll be ‘fun’ uncle to sister Bindi’s baby daughter

Robert Irwin fully intends to be the ‘fun’ uncle, he’s told.

The 16-year-old, who’s the son of the late, great Steve Irwin, is over the moon to be becoming an uncle as sister Bindi, 22, reaches the “halfway point” of her pregnancy.

“My uncle technique is just going to be fun times 100,” the teen gushed to Channel Seven’s Sunrise.

“I am going to let that little girl eat whatever she wants, and if she wants to just jump off something I’ll be there to catch her.

“She can just do whatever she wants – she will be riding motorbikes and catching snakes, and I’m sure that Bindi will be fine with it. It’s going to be awesome!”

Robert wants to be the ‘fun’ uncle when the baby arrives

Proud big sister Bindi recently shared a tear-jerking tribute to Robert, telling him that he’s going to be the “best” uncle.

“Shoutout to my little brother (who definitely isn’t ‘little’ anymore) for being such an incredible friend,” she captioned a snap of them hugging.

“You’re always there for me and I know you will be the best uncle when our baby girl is born. Love you.”

Bindi shared a sweet tribute to Robert

Bindi and Chandler are expecting in 2021

Bindi and hubby Chandler Powell announced in August that they were expecting, five months after they tied the knot at Australia Zoo.

Fans instantly went into meltdown at the news, telling Bindi that her late dad Steve would be proud of his daughter.

Their wedding ceremony featured tributes to Steve, who died in 2006 from a stingray attack while filming.

Bindi and Chandler were overjoyed to announce they were expecting

Bindi and Robert are kids of legendary conservationist Steve Irwin

Robert got choked up on the big day as well, partly out of pride for his sister, and partly due to dad’s absence.

And the couple have even shared a look at the first sonogram for their baby, who’s expected in 2021.

Bindi posted a snap of the two of them with a couple of zoo animals.

Bindi’s wedding featured tributes to her late dad

Steve died in 2006

Chandler is clung onto by a koala while Bindi cradles a joey.

In her other hand, though, she’s holding up a sonogram of “our human joey.”

“The animal joeys we care for are excited to meet our human joey,” the mum-to-be wrote.

Robert got choked up at Bindi’s wedding

“Baby Wildlife Warrior is about about the size of a hummingbird now!

“We can’t wait to teach our little one about the importance of protecting our planet and the beauty of the wildlife and wild places we love so much.

“Thank you for your kindness and support on this magical journey.”

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