November 27, 2020

Ulrika Jonsson slams Jennifer Lopez over naked pics that ‘make women feel awful’

Ulrika Jonsson has slammed Jennifer Lopez for posing completely nude to promote her new single – saying the sight of the singer – who is two years younger than her – in the buff made her ‘cry inside.’

The former Gladiator presenter, 53, accused Jennifer, 51, of setting ‘unrealistic expectations’ of women’s bodies that was damaging.

The attack comes after JLo stripped off for the racy video of her new track In The Morning, and shared a number of shots of her gym-honed bod to Instagram, sending her followers into meltdown.

But Ulrika was distinctly unimpressed by the feat which she ‘made her feel awful’ while also adding her daughter Bo, 20, saw the attention-grabbing display as ‘toxic.’

Jennifer Lopez poses completely nude to promote her new single In The Morning

Ulrika Jonsson said the shots of the star’s perfect looking body were damaging

Writing a scathing article in The Sun, Ulrika fired: “As a mum of four — two of whom are young girls aged 16 and 20 — I’m painfully worried about what the effect of being surrounded by these images is doing to them and their sense of self-worth.

“They may pretend to me that they are savvy and aware of filters and that these images are sometimes considerably distanced from reality, but I also know that, deep down, they will look in the mirror or at the selfie they take and feel utterly inconsequential.”

The star said that Jen looks better than she did at 27 with her skin showing no sign of ‘ cellulite, puckering or aging.’

Ulrika said she’s campaigning to show a more realistic view of over 50s women on social media

Jennifer Aniston looked stunning as she performed some yoga moves in her latest ad campaign

Ulrika also took aim at Jennifer Aniston who posed in her gym-wear for a sportswear campaign this week in a variety of athletic shots.

“When I looked at the gorgeous Jennifer Aniston a couple of days ago I found myself asking what my excuses were for not looking like that,” said Ulrika, who described herself as a ‘dried-up old has-been.’

Mum Ulrika said she prefers to show a more honest depiction of her life, away from filters and Photoshop, which she believes more women want to see.

Ulrika recently posed naked to ‘reclaim her body’

Earlier this week Ulrika shared a snap of her posing make-up free.

She also shared a nude shot of her standing with her rear to the mirror where she told fans she was ‘reclaiming’ her naked body.

In one caption she wrote: ‘Better? No one scared any more by a knackered mum without make-up who enjoys rum upon occasion? Even knackered-er tonight. And anaemic. Other than that. Soldiering on. #aunaturel.”

The former Gladiator presenter described herself as a ‘has been’ in the article

She said JLo looks as good at 51 as she did at 27

In another she added: “So no makeup, no shizz. I’ve decided I’m going to become a prolific Instagram poster-er [sic]. I’m not gonna curate my posts. I’m just gonna put it out there so bleurgh. How ’bout that?”

The mum to Cameron, 26, Bo, 20, Martha, 16, and Malcom, 12, said she would have gone further with her ‘honest’ naked pictures but didn’t want to offend her children.

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